We are a Christian based street outreach working to make an impact in the lives of homeless and those in need in Manchester.

For twelve years 1269 Café Ministries has been a Christian street outreach for the homeless, and those on the edge in Manchester.  We are a non-profit 501c3 organization located in Manchester, NH
For years we have provided hot meals, showers, clothing, laundry service, short term storage lockers, and onsite support services such as medical care, recovery meetings, counseling, job training and placement, in a safe and wholesome environment for those in need to come and seek refuge.  With the purchase of our new building, the former St. Casimir School at 456 Union Street, both our space and our mission have expanded.  While we have spent years serving and loving the homeless it is clear now that we can, and should, do more.
One of the major objectives for our new space is to implement a transformational living program, with some (SOR) single resident occupancy rooms to address the issues of the chronically homeless and provide affordable housing.  Most of the population we serve are between the ages 30 and 60, and need the one on one support The Twelve provides them in making their way toward a better life.   The bulk of the people we serve suffer from substance use disorder, mental illness, or both, making them one of the most difficult populations to serve.  Our transformational living program will address these issues, as well as addressing other issues associated with chronic homelessness i.e., poor physical health, lack of general life skills, inability to retain employment, and lack of fiscal responsibility.  Ultimately, we will effectively decrease the homelessness numbers in Manchester by providing wraparound care and services, followed by affordable housing.
Our purpose is to live out God’s instruction as set forth in Matthew 25:40. “…Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  Our mission is to continue to provide a functional street outreach to all those experiencing homelessness.  As well as to increase housing options for those who are chronically homeless in the city of Manchester who have the greatest need.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive case management and wrap around care which will decrease the reoccurrence of homelessness among this same population.
For someone to qualify for our transformational living program they must be chronically homeless, willing to take steps towards sobriety, willing to work on mental health stability, and demonstrate a true desire to change the patterns of homelessness, addiction, and illness in their lives.

The Next Steps

At 456 Union Street we will build on this and offer a stepped-up approach. Each floor being dedicated to “next steps” in the process to go from homelessness to independent living.

Have you heard the news?

Ed Hiers of Shiloh Community Church explains how he became involved with the 1269 Cafe. Craig and Mary then present the next phase of 1269 in late 2020 when they move to the former St. Casimir school. God is great.